Getting Help In Lymm?

1. Your Street Champion is your primary point of contact

Your Street Champion is your first point of contact for support.

Your Street Champion will have put a postcard through your door like in the picture below. This will have their name, house number and phone number. If you don’t know who your Street Champion is, or if your Street Champion is unavailable and you have no other contacts on your street, call our central team. +44 7510 749854

2. Your Street WhatsApp Group (not available on all streets)

Your Street Champion may have set up a private WhatsApp group for your street.

If you have WhatsApp, contact your Street Champion to see if they have a private group available that you can join. This can be used to get help and distribute the load from the Street Champion.

3. Street Champions are supported by Street & Village-wide Volunteers

Your Street Champion may have set up a private WhatsApp group for your street.

Your street may have 1 or more volunteers who are helping to spread the support requests. Your street champion will put you in touch with your other volunteers.

If the help you are looking for can be provided by someone else in the village, then your Street Champion may redirect you to one of the pool of General Volunteers. This is most likely to be for things like friendly phone calls.

4. Central Support Team

The central administration team are here to help you if you need help your Street Champion can’t provide you with.

There are several ways you can contact the central Leave No One Behind in Lymm support admin team:

What do the letters look like?

Your safety is our utmost concern. Through this coordinated approach using standard templates, we are hoping to help avoid the chances of unscrupulous types exploiting the vulnerable. We will be checking the ID of anyone coming to collect the letter packs and recording their addresses. So you know what to expect through your letter box, this is what the two leaflets look like. If you see a different letter, please call us and we can help check it for you. Do not take offers of support from people you do not know or trust.

Leave No One Behind In Lymm Letter

Street Champion Postcard

Contact Us

Call your Volunteer

Your volunteer's phone number will be on the postcard they gave you.

Call Us

+44 7510 749854